Una corda més

Una corda més

Núria Balcells & Rocco Papia

Captivated by the fusion of the
5-string violin and 7-string guitar

Two exceptional and unique musicians, had the need to add one more string to their instruments by expanding their expressiveness with more deeply and orchestral sound through the 5 string violin the 7 string guitar.

His repertoire includes music from Catalonia, Brazil, Piazzolla’s tangos, Irish music and Eastern Europe.

Tradicional pieces that walk with their own label, daring, with warm and velvety sound, unexpected rhythmic turns of great intensity; often energetic or calm with dream colors that take us away and create very special moments.

The musicians conduct the repertoire contextualizing it with anecdotes and brief interventions.

A violin with depth that embraces us with warmth, sincerity and emotional transparency plus a guitar of virtuoso fluidity, which sings the melodies and accompanies them with solidity and elegance.

With reciprocal inspiration, the two performers feed each other back with complicity looks and bursts of smiles demonstrating excellent symbiosis. 

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