Música Transversal

“One day you realize that music has no borders or names, it comes from within, it is our voice, our life experience: it evolves and takes different forms.”

Núria Balcells
Concert Música Transversal

Música Transversal was created in 2009 by the Violinist Núria Balcells.

After a long time of experience participating in many music courses from all over the world, the need to organize intensive courses at home, in a peaceful and rural setting, was created.

The project, connect students of stringed instruments from all over the territory (north-south, east-west) interested in expanding and opening up stylistic and music-cultural frontiers in the learning of their instrument.

The violinist Ernesto Briceño, headed the first of, many other meetings in La Segarra and with the violinist Casey Driessen, the Masterclass and concerts in spaces with their own character start in Barcelona.

The hits of Música Transversal


Over 100 / students – musicians have already participated with Música Transversal at Materclass and on Weekends


Collaboration with members of www.barcelonabluegrassband.com

Música Transversal Gallery

“Expand borders in different musical styles and improvisation, stimulate imagination and enjoy music in a unique, unique and unrepeatable experience.”

Núria Balcells
  • Stage Música Transversal
  • Alex Hargreaves and Mike Barnett
  • Materclass Caty Mcnally
  • Masterclass Nostromo
  • Masterclass Gilles Apap
  • Masterclass Christoph Mallinger
  • Maste Música Transversal
  • Jam Freixenet de la Segarra
  • Group Christian
  • Gilles Apap in the Bar Arena
  • Course of Oriol Saña and Marta Roma
  • Música Transversal
  • Weekend Música Transversal